Keynotes about stage craft

Tim Tamashiro has become a beloved entertainer and radio host over his 30 year career. He sings, speaks, jokes and tells stories that matter to audiences. He's learned the lessons and secrets for mastering the stage. So now he'd like to share those secrets with you. Over 30 years with a microphone in his hand Tim understands that it's not easy for most people to find comfort on stage. But he can help. 

If you'd like to learn the art of storytelling and stage craft, Tim Tamashiro offers the following keynote addresses:


1. mastering the stage

When you're on a stage in front of an audience you have a responsibility to use their time wisely. How do you do that? Tim Tamashiro has discovered fascinating secrets that can help anyone become a master of the stage. His keynote address contains his five step map for elements of mastering the stage. 

It all boils down to the S. M. I. L. E.

Tim will show you how to S. M. I. L. E. on stage.

Key takeaways:

* Find and tell your best stories

* Making your stories matter to the audience

* How insurance will always save your butt

* How to get the audience to love you

* The easy way to make eye contact with everyone

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2. Storytelling for the stage

When you step on a stage and make your way to the microphone... do you have your stories ready? People have been telling stories to one another for thousands of years. Why is it so difficult to do it with a microphone?

During his time on the radio, Tim Tamashiro had to research, write and deliver SEVENTY stories per week. Storytelling is something we do everyday with our friends and family. Storytelling for the stage can be just as easy as talking with your favourite people. Learn why storytelling for the stage is as simple as "once upon a time".

Key takeaways: 

* The magic of the "Best. Story. Ever." 

* How storytelling changes the way you hear music (or view boring pie charts)

* The story rollercoaster. Emotions are the peaks and valley on stage.

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Inspiring keynote

Everyone loves an inspiring and entertaining keynote address. Tim has two a wonderful keynote that will fascinate and entertain any audience. Learn how to find more meaning in life thru "Ikigai: the map to a meaningful life".


1. Ikigai: the map to a meaningful life

This special keynote started over  hundred years ago on a small island called Hamahiga in Okinawa. Tim's grandparents were born in Okinawa. There's a reason why the people of Okinawa live the longest lives in the world. They understand what makes their lives meaningful.  They have even have a map that anyone can follow to a more meaningful life. 

Do you want more meaning in your life? Try ikigai.

Learn and live the ikigai map:

* Do what you love

* Do what you're good at

* Do what the world needs

* Make a living from your special gifts

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