Tim Tamashiro

Tim Tamashiro is an entertainer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

One question. When are you coming back? You are welcome anytime at my club. Me likely Drinky Jazz.
— @cellarjazz on Twitter
Tim Tam Black BG .jpg

There are only two kinds of jazz: thinky and drinky.

I sing "drinky jazz".

When you go out for a night of entertainment, do you go to merely "hear songs" or do you go to experience "moments" that are special? Music is important but it's the fun and memorable moments that make your night. 

Tim Tamashiro is not just a jazz singer: he's a "drinky jazz" singer. He's on stage to help you have fun. He's warm and gracious. He's outgoing and generous. He's funny and, by the way, he can sing like crazy. You'll hear songs that you'll recognize. You'll hear world class musicians. You'll hear a lot of bad jokes. Your night with Tim is guaranteed to be "memorable".


Your job is to eat, drink, laugh and talk with your friends... and then have another drink. 



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