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In June of 2017, Tim departed his cherished job as a radio host at CBC Radio 2 to embark on a new journey. He dove head first into the world of digital storytelling. That's a fancy was of saying he started a YouTube channel.  

The focus of Tim's YouTube channel is "Living & Learning". He tells stories of his travels, ideas, challenges and triumphs. Having a YouTube channel is like having a TV channel. Below are a few examples of videos he's made so far. If you like them you can subscribe!

Tim is open for collaborations or partnerships. Agencies, brands and travel companies with a focus on mature viewers are welcome to contact Tim here. 



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Tim's podcast is all about the music you grew up with. Hit Story is the podcast that tells the tales of tasty tunes. The goal of Hit Story is to tell you stories about famous songs that everyone knows. When you hear the stories hopefully the songs will feel brand new. They might even become MORE MEANINGFUL to you. 

Below are a few examples of Hit Story. If you would like to subscribe click on a link below for your favourite podcasting app.

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