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Müvbox - Think Inside The box


Take your standard french fry or ice cream truck, take the wheels off and add lobster. That's what MuvBox is all about.

Where is it written that food you buy on the street or at a festival has to be greasy and gross? Nowhere, that's where. So when I came across this concept called MuvBox from Montreal I thought to myself, "Well that makes sense!" Not only is this food vendor portable but it's able to make food that ISN'T hamburgers and hot dogs. MuvBox makes lobster rolls and wood fired pizza.

Not only do can you buy delicious food but you also have a place to eat it. Check it out. There are tables there for you to use. Smart.

One of my favorite meals in the Hawaiian Islands is something called a "plate lunch". You can find plate lunch along the road and in towns throughout the islands. They are set up in small buildings and in old buses (like Giovanni's Shrimp bus) but imagine if the Hawaiian's got ahold of this MuvBox concept? The possibilities are endless.

I think I'll get my hands on one of these MuvBox's and finally open up that BBQ shack I've always wanted to. I'm gonna call it "The Swine Diner and Fillin' Station". Make sure you stop by and set a spell...

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