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What can you fight about... on Wikipedia?


Who ever thought that Wikipedia would be fertile grounds for a good battle? But when you think about it there's a huge potential for squables on a website that anybody can contribute to.
Take the spelling of aluminum for example... or should that be alumin(i)um? Change it if you want. That's what Wikipedia is there for.
So next time you're looking up something on Wikipedia and you see something that you KNOW isn't true... pick a fight and change it to what YOU know is true. Game on.

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Is it a painting or a real live person?


If you're anything like me the first time I saw this photo you're probably really confused right now.The picture above is a photograph. It's not a painting mixed into a photograph... it's an actual photograph of an older gentleman painted to look as though he's a painting. It screws with your mind though doesn't it.

The idea and work is created by a Washington D.C. "dfrnt" by the name of Alexa Meade. Interestingly the name of this work is "Timmy" (totally a coincidence).

Who says that paintings can only be done on canvases and flat surfaces?

For more information visit or Alexa's website directly at

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