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iPad brings new meaning to "possibilities".

apple ipad with applications How many times have you heard someone say, "iPad is just a over sized iTouch"?

No, it's not. When you look at iPad from a different perspective, it's far more than that. Actually, iPad is a container that can carry stuff that you actually use on a regular basis. Someone on my Facebook page said, "iPad? Back in the day we used to call a container of stuff you can use a desk."

I haven't even touched an iPad or even seen one in person but to me it's much more than just movies, music and internet. It's a device that makes music, presentations and personal information useable. Just think of the possibilities. Here are just three:

  1. iBooks. This new application is far more than just a place to buy books. It's an application that makes books useful. I'm a book highlighter. When I buy a book, I love to highlight passages that are interesting and useful to me. But in order to make those passages truly useful, you have to know where they are for future reference. iBooks lets you highlight and bookmark passages and then it stores that information in a table of contents for you. That one feature makes the iPad infinitely useful to me.
  2. iPad is the ultimate music book. iPad will probably become one of the "must haves" for working musicians. Fakebooks are one of the most important tools for any musician and iPad takes fakebooks to a whole new level. Fakebooks outline the basic chord structure for songs so that musicians can all speak the same language through a "lead sheet". You can have thousands of lead sheets on an iPad. iPhones already play a huge role in live music but with iPad, now musicians can actually see the music.
  3. Get your idea across. iPad can change the real estate business, design business, retail and food industry because it will be a simple and useable way to get ideas across (and take orders). With Keynote or other yet to be created applications, iPad will be a visual center point to get ideas across. Everything you need will be right there at your finger tips.

New ideas take a while for people to wrap their heads around. Nobody knew that a minivan would become such a huge success until Chrysler made one. Lee Iaccoca worked for Ford before going over to Chrysler. His suggestions to the folks over at Ford met no support at all. To this day, Chrysler is the leader in minivan sales. iPad is for early adopters at the moment... but there will be a lot of early adopters.

The first iPod only came out in 2001. Look at the way the world has changed since then. iPods are containers too.

New ideas meet with resistance. It's part of the process. So before you write off iPad, consider this: the applications that you would most benefit from haven't been invented yet. Maybe it will be you that comes up with an application that would make iPad completely irresistible. 

That's the beauty of iPad applications. They can come from anyone including you.

What kind of iPad application would be 100% useful in your life?

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The highest recommendation I can give is, "Read Rework."


There are books... and then there are "laser beam books" like Rework.

Authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson have set the new standard for concise brilliance. These guys don't take a shotgun approach to solving problems. Instead, they use a laser beam to precisely provide insight into topics such as progress, productivity, competition, hiring, damage control and culture. Anyone can benefit from this kind of writing.

Do you need to know how to solve your work or business problems? Take one afternoon and read Rework. Fried and Hansson know how to run a successful business. They own 37signals, which solves problems for collaboration, contact management and communication... simply. These generous men offer you the wisdom they have gathered over the years and serve it to you on a silver platter and call it Rework. It's delicious.

The highest recommendation I can give is, "Read Rework." And then don't forget to pass along your enthusiasm to others.

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