It's new album time so... I'm building a mailing list.

There's a very good chance that you and I have never met. It would be great to meet you though. Even though social media seems to be the king these days Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn don't allow for personal connection. 

I'm planning on singing more. How will you find out about it?

A new "Jazz Makes You Cooler" t-shirt design is coming soon. How will you get your hands on one? 

Join my mail list. You'll be in the know.

You've got mail from Tim Tamashiro

You've got mail from Tim Tamashiro

I'm planning to record a new album. It will be an album of swingin' songs with swagger and in order to do it I need to (finally) build a mailing list. The album will be called "Jazz Makes You Cooler". I'm giving away a FREE song for signing up for my mailing list. Join today.

Tim Tamashiro