Your story is your best strategy

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Musicians often contact me with questions about finding success in the music business. To be clear, there is no secret formula to becoming a superstar but you can find a lot more success if you have a good story.

Your story is your best friend. It allows you to be bright yellow in a crowd of all blue. Your story helps you stand out in people's minds. Don't overlook the obvious; start your story at the beginning then have a middle and an end.

Be honest and precisely who you are. If you are a princess be the princess or if you're an ogre be the ogre.

In your story you are the hero whether you are the princess or the ogre.

Every memorable story has a mountain to overcome; a challenge. Describe your mountain and how you conquered it. 

Every great story has a happy ending. Beam about your happy ending.

Don't write a bio; write your story. Make it short and sweet. 

BONUS: Another approach

You can start your story now. You can tell the world about an epic crusade you are about to embark on. You can take people with you on your journey. They can root you on. You can climb your mountain together. You can experience your stories happy ending hand in hand. 

In the weeks to come I will announce a new story that I'm about to begin. It's called "The Drinky Jazz World Tour". Here's the beginning of my new story:

There are only three kinds of jazz: thinky, slinky and drinky. I sing drinky jazz.

My name is Tim Tamashiro and I have a dream: to sing drinky jazz for smiling audiences in unbelievable locations around the world. I have a wish list of those amazing places. All I need is their invitations.

What will happen? Will I get those invitations? Can I deliver an outstanding show at each location? I have no doubt that my new story will be successful. I hope you will come along for the journey...

Tim Tamashiro