Boy George's new song = Rob Ford's theme song?

"Do no harm." That's my personal motto every time I post a story, write a tweet or turn on a mic. Even though this post includes the name of embattled mayor Rob Ford it's a really a story of redemption not condemnation.

Like Mayor Ford, Boy George has lived a wild life. He was a mega pop star in the 80's. He's had drug and sex problems. He was hot mess until he got the help that he needed. Today Boy George appears to be an enlightened soul who is enjoying life and appreciates the gift of each moment. That's what I hope Mayor Ford can find. In order to do it, it's going to take time. 

Whether or not you "like" Boy George or Mayor Rob Ford this song of redemption brings hope for a future beyond politics and ego. Anything can happen, right? 

Tim Tamashiro