Officially the coolest, most creative video yet. Meet Conte.

Meet Jack Conte. He's a "content creator" that makes music and videos to post them on YouTube for you to enjoy. I am a "parton" of Conte's.  I give him money to make incredible art. More about that later.

Conte drinks in creativity through a firehose. He makes the coolest, most creative videos on the internet. In trailblazing terms Jack Conte is the "Charlie Parker of content creation". He understands music, video and content creation in four dimensions: honesty, excellence, construction and delivery. Conte is simply remarkable. 

A month ago I became a "patron"  of Conte's. Realizing that great art needs financial and "belief" support Conte built a website called Patreon. The site allows internet content creators like Conte to receive money from people like me who see value in what they do. The concept is simple: Mozart had patrons that supported him so he could make amazing music. Patreon lets people become patrons of great talent. Conte and other content creators focus on what they are good at. Each time they make new music/video content myself and Conte's other patrons give him money. It's a win / win. 

As you'll see from the above music vido Conte is a force to be reckoned with. He is a purple cow. If you'd like to become a patron for Jack Conte he can continue to make these excellent videos. Quality is rare. Invest in it.

Tim Tamashiro