Your feel good moment of the day: Disney acapella

You can tell what "Disney generation" these two talented singers are from with the very first note you hear from them. They are from the "90's" Disney generation but that doesn't detract from the feel good vibes they share singing acapella (without instruments). 

Singers Peter Honens and Alex G create every single note, beat, chord, orchestration you'll hear on this medley of Disney goodies. At times it sounds like they are surrounded by an entire symphony orchestra but alas it's just their voices. To record layers of music the way that they do takes a LOT of time. They would be required to sing every part of the song for every different note of each chord separately. Solid planning and execution is paramount.

On top of the music you'll also see that they've filmed a beautiful video to go along with the medley. Peter Honens and Alex G are content creators of the highest degree. They are the new generation of music / film stars. They create "feel good" moments for you to enjoy for free on YouTube. 

All I can say is "I feel good". 

Tim Tamashiro