You don't have just one life. You have many.

You don't just have one life to live. You have many. Here's a list of just a few of the lives you will live throughout your years on earth. Feel free to add or take away lives as it suits you.

1. Infant

2. Toddler

3. Preschooler

4. Primary schooler

5. Preteen

6. Teenager

7. Highschooler

8. Young adult


Here's where things get cloudy:


9. What am I gonna do now?

10. Hey, I'm beautiful

11. I'm gonna be the best there ever was

12. What am I doing with my life?

13. I "think" I'm going in the right direction

14. I'm convinced this is the right thing for me.

15. No, wait. THIS is the right thing for me.

16. I'm confused. I admit it.

17. Oh… this is nice. I didn't exact think I'd find myself here.

18. Where's all the fun in life? Mine's missing.

19. Oh, there's all the fun again.

20. Is there anything I can do to help?

21. I'm feeling more mellow.

22. The kids are gone.

23. The kids are back.

24. The kids are STILL here.

25. We are empty nesters. :-) = Dad :-( = Mom

26. I can't believe my baby is getting married

27. Grandbabies

28. Adventures we couldn't afford before

29. Sharing meals between us.

30. Somebody… dies.

31. Life beyond.

At 46 years old, I finally feel like things make sense. I know my strengths. I know my faults. I want to work on changing my faults to be better but I'm also okay with them also. Each day is about the adventure not the destination. I wonder if this is what Buddha felt like when he became enlightened. It's kinda nice.

Tim Tamashiro