You're Weird!

There’s no doubt about it. You’re weird!

That person sitting next to you is weird too. Your spouse... weird. Your kids... weird. If you don’t have kids yet just know that they are going to be really weird. They are going to smell weird sometimes too.

Don’t worry about being weird because everybody is weird. Think about it: weird is really who you are. We all have our own little weirdnesses. I have a fingerstache. I have a friend who licks his dinner plate. My wife likes to hold my feet with her feet when we are in bed. Everybody is weird but doesn’t that make us who we are?

Think about your family and friends. How about your co-workers? They are all really weird when you think about it... but because you’re around them all the time they seem normal don’t they?

You’re weird. He’s weird. She’s weird. That guy on the street you passed on the way to the office is weird (the bum and the banker) and all your neighbors are weird too. So why do we automatically think that weird is bad?

Here’s the thing: the world tells us to fit in. Don’t stand out from the crowd... be part of the crowd. If you don’t draw attention to yourself then you won’t be put in a position to lead. Yes, it’s the REALLY WEIRD ONES that lead so in other words your boss is weirder than you are. Go ahead... tell your boss that they are weird.

Now that you’re back (and you’ve explained yourself to save your job) let’s get back to the question “why is weird such a bad thing?”  

Being weird is part of who everyone is. Chances are your weirdness helps you pay the bills. Yes... your weirdness helps pay your bills. I’m no accountant but I’m thankful that there are those weirdos out there because they help me do things that I’m not geared to do. Garbage men are weird  (thank you for your weird acceptance to pick up my garbage). Engineers are weird (thank you for knowing how to do weird math things so my family and I don’t collapse on that bridge we are driving on). Politicians are weird too (‘nuff said).

But all your little weirdnesses are part of who you are. We like them! Life would be so boring with out you and your weirdness. Your family loves you because of your weirdnesses... and sometimes they hate you for them too but you are who you are... and your weirdy-ness is nobodies problem but yours.

That’s the best thing about being weird: your “weird” is exclusively YOURS. If other people have a problem with you being weird then it’s THEIR PROBLEM, not yours. How cool is that? Nobody else gets to have a say in your weirdness so if anyone else has issues with you then it’s up to them to fix it for themselves because you get to be you... so get over it. The sooner people figure this out the easier life becomes...  for them.

Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Pierre Trudeau, Wayne Gretzky, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Elvis are weirdos too. They don’t conform... they lead. They make the world interesting. So do you.

Everything and everyone is weird. There is no normal. Sure you have a house and a car and clothes and shoes and you read books and have a cell phone and and and... but those don’t make you normal. They make you special. They make you weird. If you like to eat ice cream off a spoon slowly you’re weird. If you like to tuck love notes into strangers pockets then you’re weird. If you play ringette instead of hockey... you’re weird.

Your world is getting exactly what it needs from you being as weird as you are. Your friends, family and co-workers are getting exactly what they need from you... from YOU. Why would you deny them that? I love seeing my friend lick his plate... I can picture it now and it makes me smile. Sure my wife loves to hold my toes with her toes when we lay in bed... that will be one thing that I will miss most about her if she dies before I do... and if I die before her her feet will stay cold and she will think of me.

So embrace the fact that you are weird. Wear your weirdness like a gold medal. You’re weird and that’s exactly what makes you so special.

Tim Tamashiro