Ba + co + n = life

Earlier this week I was involved with the launch of Baconfest Canada: a one day festival for all things bacon. It's going to take place on Sept. 24th in Calgary. It's Canada's national festival of bacon and since Canada has a bacon actually named after it... why not?

Bacon is delicious. It's salty and chewy and num-num. I know it's not good for you but... it's really tasty and we need to have more things in our lives to indulge in.

Bacon is the meat that probably best personifies my own philosophy on life. Life should taste good. You should look forward to it. Treats should be welcome and they don't have to be sweet but they should be satisfying.

Life it should be accessible like bacon. Life should be readily available in a wide variety. Surround your life by a range of things to make it better. Peameal, double smoked, pancetta. I know that it would be impossible to live on bacon and bacon alone but it would be fun to try.

But like all things in life consuming too much bacon would probably turn you off. Think about all those lottery winners who ended up worse off than where they were before they won the lottery. Too much of a good thing could be disastrous. In other words, use bacon for good not for evil... and this is evil:

Take pride in your love of bacon. Two pieces of bacon is never enough. Four pieces is too much. Think zen like and have three pieces of bacon... even numbers are bad luck... odd numbers are good luck.

Love life.


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Tim Tamashiro