One Simple Idea

Cowgirls didn't look like this before legendary saloon Cowboys came along.

Cowboys meet Playboy. All you need is one simple idea.

Here in Calgary there's a bar called Cowboys that became a legendary saloon because of one simple idea: beautiful young ladies dressed as cowgirls. It's been described as "Playboy meets cowboy" which isn't far from the truth as you can see from the photo above. You have to admire Paul Vickers, the owner of Cowboys, for coming up with this one simple idea. It's made him millions and it's created a reason to visit Calgary.

Cowboys became a legendary bar during the early 1990's when it opened in Calgary during Stampede week. The formula has been emulated and copied ever since in Calgary. The photo above isn't even from Cowboys... it's from a competitor called The Wildhorse Saloon. They took what worked for Cowboys and made it work for them too.

In early March, Paul Vickers announced that Cowboys and the iconic Calgary Stampede will be partners in what will soon be called Cowboys Casino. It's just one more simple idea that made sense for Cowboys, The Calgary Stampede and the thousands of people who will go to Cowboys Casino for "The best time you can have with your boots on".

One simple idea can do amazing things. Take Jay Sorenson for example. Jay invented a very simple contraption back in 1993 that you probably use several times every week. His simple idea solved a problem for millions of people several times a day and is even featured at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). His PATENTED invention is none other than...

The Java Jacket Cup Sleeve.

One simple idea idea. That's all it takes.

Oh... and the balls to pull it off.

What's your one simple idea?


Tim Tamashiro