Gaga: the voice of "differents"

You've read the headline above and you might be thinking to yourself, "Wait a minute... Tim is writing about Lady Gaga?" My answer is "Yes, I am." Period.

This morning Gaga's newest single was released on iTunes. It's called Born This Way. In listening to the lyrics of the song you can't help but be impressed at the message that Gaga delivers. Gaga is the voice of "differents" and the good news is that everybody is a different. Why do we go through life denying ourselves of the joy that comes with simply being who we are?

This song isn't just an anthem for people who are gay. Don't look at it that way. It's not even specifically reserved for religious tolerance because she mentions God in the song. No, Born This Way is an anthem for every person in the world to just be who they are.

See for yourself. Here are some lyrics from Born This Way:

Don't be drag, just be a queen
Whether you're broke or evergreen
You're black, white, beige, chola descent
You're lebanese, you're orient
Whether life's disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
'Cause baby, you were Born This Way

For those of you who know me, you'll know that I have been working on a new keynote speech called "Raise your hand. Tell the world, "I'm a different!" The speech embodies the same message that Gaga raises in her song. You were born into this world an individual who is as unique as anyone in history. There is only one Y-O-U. Why do we spend so much energy trying to deny who you are to fit in?

You don't have to be strange to be who you are. Gaga is a unique individual that grabs imaginations through being extremely flamboyant in what she wears... but when you think about it, the messages in her songs are simple and straight ahead messages about life lessons. Gaga embraces the slashes in who she is. Gaga is Flamboyant / Famous / Feminine / Fair.

You have slashes in who you are too. Figure them out. Get to know yourself even better than you do right now. Never stop working on Y-O-U. Buddha said "Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." Buddha was not a god. He was simply a man who sought the truth and found it. It was his destiny. Buddha's greatest belief is that we are all Buddha. Buddha's slashes might have been Buddha / You.

So when you hear Gaga on the radio (and I guarantee you will) think about how special Y-O-U are. Let Gaga be your reminder that you are a different. The most important messages often come to us in strange and unexpected ways but that doesn't mean we should ignore them.

Raise your hand. Tell the world, "I'm a different!"

Tim Tamashiro