Miles Davis and John Coltrane: now available at Urban Outfitters.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue. The best selling jazz album in history (and a great make out album). Photo by Tim Tamashiro at Urban Outfitters, Calgary, Dec. 2, 2011

The greatest thing happened to me this afternoon when I entered a little store that you may have heard of called Urban Outfitters. In this sheik, hip paradise for young urban fashion buyers... I found jazz.

Yes, I found jazz! Amongst the sea of young adolescent and stylish young people wearing toques and tights I found vinyl LPs of A Love Supreme from John Coltrane and Kind of Blue from Miles Davis. A little tiny gleam of hope sparked in my heart that jazz may be finding a new audience.

Urban Outfitters is a shop for the outer edge of cool. Sure it has plenty of plaid for sale and clothing that would never fit or even be appropriate for a guy like me. But in addition to clothing that would look good on my teenage children Urban Outfitters also has a vast array of quirky books, writing supplies, creative supplies, cameras (film cameras no less), strange party accoutrements and mustache kits. It really is a cool place… especially because they also carry to the most iconic jazz recordings in history… on vinyl! How cool is that? Very cool in my opinion.

So for those of you who are new to jazz, like those young people who are shopping at Urban Outfitters, I just wanted to say that this store has jazz right. If you're wanting to get into jazz then a great place to start would be with those 2 iconic recordings from Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Even if you don't have an actual turntable or what we used to call a record player, use some of your iTunes money you get for Christmas this year and by those 2 albums to get you started down the incredibly fascinating world of jazz.

You'll be cooler than the rest of the kids… because you know who "Miles" and "Trane" are. In fact, you might even be cooler for the rest your life just because you own these albums. Jazz is cooler than you think.

Tim Tamashiro