The Beautiful Shift.

Steve Jobs was a man with an incredible ability to make things simple and have them mattered to us. He was a different. In fact, it was Apple that coined the phrase “Think Different”. The iPhone, iPad and iPod are all devices that were beautifully made and simple to use. Even my dad has an iPad and he's eighty eight years old. It took him about five minutes to learn how to use it so how's that for an example of simple to use?

But in order for my dad to even consider touching an iPad he had to make a small shift that took him from "I can't use a computer" to "I can use a computer". When you think about it, all he did was get rid of one “t” and that was a beautiful shift for him because now he enjoys his news, games and snooping on the internet every day. It helps him pass the time which is his biggest challenge but the shift from "can't" to "can" was up to him.

My Beautiful Shift

My Beautiful Shift came one day in high school. From that day on, life felt like 20,000 volts of freedom, responsibility, expression and possibilities were passing right through me. It was exhilarating. Each day was met with an endless current of joy and anticipation because there was no possible way I could make a mistake or find defeat. Every moment was just as electric as the next. I was free to do anything. I could be anything. I made the choice to shift.

Choice. The Beautiful Shift is so incredibly simple anyone could do it. The results from the shift were unlike anything you could imagine. It was like getting super powers. It took me from "vicTim" to simply being "Tim". It made me who I am today.

I'm a different. I still feel like everyday has endless potential. It still feels like I can do anything or be anything but now I understand what "anything" means for me. I won't be a CEO of a powerful oil company because it's not who I am. I won't be an entrepreneur or an accountant. I'll never be a millionaire because of an invention I created. I won't even be an international jazz singer because I know that would mean time, energy and commitments away from my family and they are just way too important to me. They are my "why".

So I still get to feel that 20,000 volts of electricity surging through me everyday because I'm a different who is a radio host / jazz singer / ukulele playin' / fingerstache wearin' / lover of lunch / speaker / dog lovin' / dad and husband. Will I change the world? You bet I will.

So, with that in mind, what is The Beautiful Shift and how can you experience it yourself?

Here's your answer:

The Beautiful Shift is the choice you make from "Nobody likes me" to "Nobody's like me". Just move the “s”. It’s that easy but it's a huge shift.

Maybe that’s why the letter “S” is on Superman’s chest?

So here’s to you. You’re going to change the world because when you make The Beautiful Shift you’ll be in great company. For those of you who do experience The Beautiful Shift... this video is for you.

Tim Tamashiro