How do you sing? Just relax man.

Meet Hans Stamer; a vocalist from Vancouver who makes his living as a goldsmith. Think about that ladies... not only could he sweep you off your feet with his voice but he could also cover you in gold.... not a bad combination 'eh?

It's funny how life just sneaks up on you and shows you something that you might not ever discover otherwise. I have to admit that I'd never heard of Hans before late 2010 even though he's been in singing for years. When I first heard Hans latest CD entitled Everything Happens To Me I thought to myself, "Now there's a guy who just let's the music happen. He's relaxed and patient in his phrasing. He's really good! Where has this guy been?" That's the secret to singing. Just relax man... let it happen. Let the notes, words and spaces fall effortlessly where they are supposed to.

Look... the history of Hans Stamer's music career is rich but none of it would matter if it wasn't for this album. This album grabbed my ears and has the incredible potential to do the same for millions. What's more important is that it can travel. I've never met Hans or even seen him perform live but I can tell you this: I'm glad he made this disc because it's a beautiful start to a brand new sound that the world is gonna love. I get a feeling that this is the real Hans Stamer. I am going to meet him. I am going to see him perform live. What's more is that I'm going to go out of my way to make sure that others find him too.

Hans Stamer has a voice that is far too important for the world to let slip by.

Enjoy the video of the title track for his new album. Run out and buy a copy of it from your local music store or on iTunes. It's even more important to tell all your friends about this CD. It's a remarkable recording that has the potential to change his life.


Tim Tamashiro