Cell phone companies - eliminate the "idiot message" on voicemail

You've heard the extra "idiot message" thousands of times. You know... the message that plays AFTER your personal message on your cell phone voicemail? Why do we need this extra message that tells us how to leave a voice mail?

Here's what the idiot message says on Rogers Mobile in Canada: "At the tone please record your message. When you are finished recording either hang up or press pound for more options."

The idiot message on voice mail just wastes time for everyone who has to sit through it. What's even worse is that there's no way around it. Sure you can push the * key to skip the users personal message but then you're stuck having to listen to the extra message.

How much extra money do the cell phone companies make by having us listen to these ridiculous messages each year? Is there a way to turn it off? Does anyone have any answers because the WORLD would like to know.


Tim Tamashiro