Oh... Canada Broadcast Standards. You are in dire straits.

So much for Canada's liberal reputation.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has deemed the Dire Straits song "Money For Nothin'" as unsuitable for the airwaves. Yup, that means you won't be able to hear the satirical song about blue collar workers complaining about musicians anymore. Take that musicians... uh... I think.

The songs composers Mark Knoffler and Sting were quite clever when they wrote the song. They exposed the whining of some kitchen and appliance movers and used it against them. By exposing THEIR jealousy, THEIR use of the word "faggot" and THEIR ineffective communication style Knoffler and Sting have now unintentionally fallen on their own sword... er... pen..

I don't like the word "faggot" at all but I understand the context it was used in. They were saying the word was wrong. They were exposing the ridiculous jealosy and brutish mentality of a handful of dudes that just didn't get it.

The CBSC has opened a whole new can of worms in it's decision. Not for songwriters, for themselves.

Context is a powerful tool but it's sad that it wasn't considered in the ruling from the CBSC. The real story here isn't that the song has been deemed unacceptable. The real story is that the CBSC missed the song for TWENTY FIVE YEARS. What are they going to do about it?

Tim Tamashiro