Think Differently and Positively.


If you were blind and could only earn money to live on through pan handling, how would you go about it? Click the link and read this short little story about a blind boy who had his sign (and life) changed by a stranger.

I'm a fan of creative pan handlers. I remember one pan handler I encountered in Vancouver who approached me and asked me for a $10,000 cheque so he could "save some wildlife or something" he quipped. "But if you can't afford that kind of commitment maybe you could give me $15 so I could get some dry cleaning done". He was filthy! I laughed my ass off. Needless to say, I emptied my pocket of change into his hand.

Life is all about context. There are so many ways to solve problems and make it a win / win for everyone involved. So take a moment to read the story about the blind boy and consider how you might make a small shift in the way you are doing things.

Think differently and positively. It could change your life.