Life... as often as possible.

Frank Sinatra once said, "You gotta love livin' 'cause dyin' is a pain in the ass". I couldn't agree more.

I came across another quote recently that I love just as much. "Smart may have the brains, Stupid has the balls." The quote came from the Diesel clothing company. In fact, their entire campaign for the spring and summer of 2010 is "Be Stupid". I likey.

Tim Tamashiro and son at Tamashiro Market 

(That's my son Jackson and I at Tamashiro Market in Honolulu)

I never really understood the concept of retirement. The whole idea of working everyday so you can NOT work later  is ridiculous. Why not do what you LOVE everyday and not work now? I don't care if I retire. I'm retired from work now. I just got back from a trip from Hawaii with my family and on the flight back I recall thinking to myself, "Well, back to doing more of what I love." Imagine that... coming back from a vacation to more of what you love.

I wrote a short e-book a while ago called "I Don't Work... and You Can Too!" It's a book about strengths. I don't feel like I work. I feel like I live. Go ahead and pick up a copy on my website at

So are you living life... as often as possible? Do you get up everyday and do what comes naturally to you? Are you brave enough to make up a job description for yourself that nobody has ever heard of? I know a panama hat salesman ... and I also know a knife enthusiast... and a whiskey taster... and I also know a Founder and Seeker. I dare you to do the same. Myself... I'm a Speaker Hoster Singer. I'm a different.

The way I see it is that life is a countdown. The days behind you are just that.... behind you. The days ahead of you haven't happened yet but they might be fewer than you think. LIFE is happening RIGHT NOW. I'm going for lunch with a buddy today. I'm probably going to have a snooze this afternoon. Tonight, I'll probably do some yoga and play my ukulele. Supper will be delicious.

Yup, Sinatra was right; dyin' is a pain in the ass. That's why I live life... as often as possible.