My iPad story

Okay, so it's May 29th and I'm looking out the window at snow here in Calgary. That hurts a bit.

The only good thing about this situation is that yesterday I bought an iPad. It was "iPad day in Canada" and the iPad finally was released to Canadians. I have to admit, I thought about heading down to my local Apple store to line up but then I thought, "It's cold and rainy... is it worth it?"

First coffee... then iPad.

So I stayed at home for a while. I had a nice breakfast and a hot cup of coffee. It got to be around 10 AM and I thought the crowds would be gone from the stores so I called out to my trust dog "Macaroni" to come along for the ride. He was just as enthusiastic about it as I was. So off we headed on our iPad hunt.

I was going to pre-order my iPad online earlier in the month but it just slipped my mind. I know people at two of the three Apple stores in town so I thought it would be nicer to go see one of them in person on launch day instead. If they had an iPad still available then I would but it. If not, then no biggie.

"Line ups everywhere!"

The radio stations were reporting line ups everywhere in town for the iPad. But I found a great parking spot right in front of the store. Hmmm. Was I too late?

But Macaroni, in all his infinite wisdom, threw me a glance that only a dog could give that reinforced my resolve that it was no biggie if I didn't get my iPad that day. So I locked up and meandered my way to the store.

Age before beauty?

When I walked into Westworld Computers, there were only about five customers in the store. Three of them were senior citizens. I thought to myself, "Isn't THAT interesting?" They were all there for iPads. How weird was that? But then I thought to myself, "It makes sense because that's who see the benefits of something so simple."

As I walked up to the counter I looked for the remaining inventory (that were all labeled with large stickers I might add) and noticed that there was ONE 32 GB Wi-Fi iPad left. Hallelujah! I'll take it.

I learned that I had missed the line-ups by about an hour. The store was open at 8 AM and there was 40 people in line. At the Apple store in Market mall there was 200 people waiting in line at opening. Me... I just walked into the store and bought one.

Macaroni is my Buddha.

As I approached my car and saw Macaroni pop his head up as I unlocked the door, I thought to myself, "Maybe Mac helped me get my head around this whole iPad thing."

In terms of owning an iPad, I see it like owning a dog. It's something to relax with and enjoy. It either fits in your life or it doesn't. You might not need it but if it's something you'll enjoy then why not get one. 

Sure, I took some lumps from my wife about buying it. But she's been playing with it for the last two hours and I can't seem to pry it from her hands. My only question is... does that mean I win or lose?