You are a Sentence.

It's true, you know? Each of us is a sentence but what is yours?

This week I announced that I will be giving a keynote address here in Calgary on June 15th called Dfrnt Marketing. The speech is a culmination of years of advice I've been giving to people regarding how they can stand out in a world of mediocre. If you're coming to the speech, you should be prepared to take a hard look at yourself... to discover what your sentence is.

The world is mediocre

The world IS mediocre. It's... meh. Take a look around your community and name the most successful people or businesses. I'll bet you can easily name them. In fact, you can probably describe them in one sentence. "He's the owner of the car dealership" or "She's a singer" are probably some of the sentences you'd come up with.

Marketing is much more than just a generic sentence though. You have to be more than just a "community sentence" and be a "world sentence". Every small town with a car dealership has an "owner of the car dealership". You need to stand out. You can't just be mediocre. You have to be something dfrnt. You have to be something very dfrnt. 

Blowing off the dust

What's fascinating to me about all these year of advice I've been giving out is that every person I've met with has something extraordinary about them that they don't see themselves. They are literally blind to what makes them dfrnt.

I start asking questions. I don't tip toe around either. I ask blunt questions that usually make people think really hard. Your sentence is there just below the surface but sometimes there's a lot of dusting to do in order to see it. Slowly the dfrnts start coming to the surface. Your sentence isn't something you become... your sentence is something you are.

Prove it

Frank Sinatra once said, "People often remark that I'm pretty lucky. Luck is
only important in so far as getting the chance to sell yourself at the
right moment. After that, you've got to have talent and know how to use
it.” In other words, luck might get you the chance but you still have to prove yourself.

Your sentence is something you can prove. It's a unique snapshot that says, "This is who I am and I can confidently prove it anytime." Your sentence doesn't brag. It states the precise truth.

A few examples

My sentence is, "Speak. Host. Sing. I'm a boredom solver." It's exactly what I do. I can prove it at anytime you ask me to. It's a unique combination that I tell the world I do. My website says it. My profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media say it. It's who I am and it's what I do.

Not only do I solve boredom for myself but I solve boredom for others. If I'm hosting a radio show for CBC my goal is to solve boredom for the listener. The same goes for when I'm speaking or singing. I make those moments unboring as much as possible.

But I also solve boredom for people like you. This article is about cutting through the clutter in your own life and getting to the point about who you are. Getting directly to the point solves boredom. You are a sentence.

The Polyjesters are a band from Didsbury, Alberta. Their sentence (as a band) is "Swingin' Folk Chunk". It's what they do. The Polyjesters are a band that is led by brothers Jason and Sheldon Valleau. Jason plays upright bass and Sheldon plays baritone ukulele. The songs they perform are based in swing and folk and "chunk" describes what they do with their instruments: they chunk their way through the songs.

But "Swingin' Folk Chunk" is also who the Valleaus are as people. They are a walking kitchen party. They are fun, light, engaging and they chunk their way through life everyday with passion.

Come along... for more

So come to my speech on June 15th at the Cantos Music Foundation. We're going to get a lot deeper into what your sentence is. We'll also go quite a bit further and teach you about how you can use your sentence as a hammer in your online marketing strategy.

Tickets and more info for Dfrnt Marketing event are available at 

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