Graduation rap speech 2010.

The creator of this video is Josh Shipp, a motivational speaker who actually "gets" teens. My favorite line in the video was "The best job I got right now... I created it."

When do adults stop making life about being "who you are" and start being "responsible" (whatever that is)? I remember how free and liberated I felt in high school, especially grade 11 and 12. I recall a feeling of invincibility and awareness. I was optimistic and goofy. Some may even say I was a bit weird... but aren't we all a little weird in high school?

College was the same thing for me. The biggest take away I got from college was how to make life long friends. In fact, I recommend college to my kids for a completely different reason than you might expect. I tell them that college is a great way to learn a few things and get a diploma but more importantly it's a place to have fun, find out who you really are and make life long connections. I say, "Try your very best but if you end up with a 'C', it's okay with me. 'A' students usually work for 'C' students anyway."

So watch the video and grab some inspiration. If your graduation was a long time ago, think back to those wonder years and try to recall how good it felt to simply be yourself. Just a reminder: it still feels good to be yourself. Take off the mask of responsibility and be a little weird like you were in high school.