Death sure is funny!

When you're "a different"... you remain one right to the very end. Some of my favorite differents are dead people. But let's face it, when they were alive, they sure did live life to it's fullest.

The Differents live by three rules:

  1. Be you.

  2. Have fun.

  3. Take chances.

We differents do think differently. For example, recently I've been thinking about getting my third tattoo. I decided a long time ago that my right arm would be my "cheat sheet for life" so that's where I have my tattoo's that remind me about what is important to me.

My newest tattoo is aimed for my left arm. It's simply going to say "See other arm."

So now I have a new mission. I know the end of my life is a long time away (or at least I hope it is) but there's no time like the present to start thinking about what I want to have on my head stone

Here are some eternal funny "differents" I'm going to use for inspiration.

This one takes some imagination... It's supposed to be like a marquee...