The Olympic Noseflute.

I don't mean to brag... actually, yes I do mean to brag... but I am probably the world's best nose flautist. Afterall, when it comes to the lyrical and melodic sound of the noseflute, there's only one man that comes to mind. Yes, it is me... Tim Tamashamerwhamer... the "Zamfir of noseflute" or "Noseflute Zamfir"... you decide.

Oh sure, you can put together talented noseflute ensembles such as the Slappy Featherwhistle Noseflute Ensemble from Edmonton or the Vancouver Noseflute Ensemble... but when it comes to choosing one man to deliver the introductory notes to William Shatner at the Vancouver Winter Olympics closing ceremonies, they came to me.

So I put together this short two minute documentary about the "making of Olympic noseflute" and I hope you enjoy it. A billion people have now heard me play noseflute and I anticipate that my phone will ring off the hook like I'm Nikki Yanofsky. But I can handle it.

Just so you know, the hardest part about playing noseflute is keeping your tongue tucked firmly in your cheek when you talk about it. Perhaps someday you may be just as talented on your noseflute as I am on mine.

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