Five ways to spot "a Different"

Stand-out-from-the-crowd Like hunting for squid, The Differents are easier to spot if you know what to look for.

1. They stick out. 

The Differents are known for how they stick out.

Nerds are Differents... and they're a great example because there's a pretty good chance that many of the popular kids in high school now work for a nerd.

Differents are just who they are. They don't conform. They be who they be. So when you think of the spaz / geek / outsider / rebel / boss / cartoon characters in the world... those are The Differents and they probably helped you buy your house.

2. They are often unemployable.

There's a reason why so many Differents are business owners. It's because they are often unemployable. Personally (I'm a Different), I like an infinitely wide salad bar of options to pick from each day so it's hard for me to hold down a nine to five job. My days could include giving a speech and then hosting a poker tournament for oil executives... to shooting a vlog... to recording a voice over. It's pretty hard to find a job like that on

But Differents are fine with that. Differents just find their own things to do. That could mean working on a blackboard for seventeen hours one day or it could also mean a four hour sushi lunch. Bring it on.

3. Big ideas.

Differents bring change to the world.

Not every Different is going to bring monumental change with their big ideas but it's important that The Differents keep bringing the ideas. Every idea is like a seed. Some won't grow but others will flourish like the Amazon.

Without The Differents all forward movement would come to a halt. There would be no such thing as iPhones... and we can't have that, can we?

4. They understand things that you don't.

It's not that you're stupid... it's just that The Differents see things in ways you can't. They understand angles, intricacies, the big picture, the small picture, in camera, broadly speaking kinda stuff. And sorry... there's are no glasses that will help you see things the way they do.

Just enjoy the ride. You just might enjoy where you end up.

5. Rules don't apply.

Don't say, "You can't do that!" because The Differents will find a way to prove you wrong.

Paul Desmond didn't stick to a standard 4/4 time signature when he wrote Take Five. He wrote the song in 5/4 time which means there are five counts in a measure instead of four. That's one more than 4/4. In your face! How do you dance to that? It doesn't matter. Dave Brubeck recorded it on his "Time Out" album and suddenly had a hit on his hands thanks to Paul Desmond. In fact, the song got all the way up to #5 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Chart.

So when it comes to spotting The Differents, now you have some tools that will help. The Differents are everywhere (there are probably some on your iPod). So tell me, who are some of The Differents in your life? The could be well known or completely unknown but I'd love to know who they are!