How to be a one man flash mob.


Is he a cowboy? No, Matt Masters is a country western singer from Calgary.

Matt is a Different. He's like a one man flash mob. He does what he has to in order to get the exposure he needs for his music career. When I ran into him yesterday, he told me a great story:

A few years ago, Matt attended the Ontario Council of Folk Festival conference. It's a conference where talent buyers come to see artists showcase and from those showcases they often buy performances for their venues or festivals. Matt Masters was not offered a showcase. What could he do?

He attended OCFF anyway. He saw all the OCFF posters hanging up with sponsors, blurbs, showcasing artist listings... you know... those overly busy posters that no one can get any information from because their too cluttered? Then he remembered that he had a bunch of photos of himself along with him.

So Matt took a Sharpie and wrote "Matt Masters - Not Showcasing" on all the photos and stuck them to the OCFF posters. Needless to say, he got a ton of exposure... because he cut through the clutter by thinking AND "doing" out of the box.

The biggest win came a few years later when he ran into Louis Black, the founder of one of the world's most important music festivals called SXSW. As it turns out, Louis was at the same OCFF conference as Matt Masters was. When Matt introduced himself he said, "Hi, I'm Matt Masters!"

Louis replied, "Not Showcasing!"