"Japadog" - The Japanese hot dog at the Olympics.

via www.japadog.com

It's become the surprise hit on the streets of Vancouver during the Olympics. It's called a Japadog...  hot dogs with a Japanese twist... including condiments like seaweed, radish and plum sauce. Japadog sounds both wrong and appealing at the same time, doesn't it? I thought that sushi was essentially a Japanese hot dog but nay... if you're in Vancouver, Japadog is the real thing. Foodies such as Anthony Bourdain have even stopped by this street meat vendor to sample their wares.

Japadog has two carts. One is located at Burrard and Smithe and another cart opened just in time for the Olympics at Burrard and Pender but that won't make your wait any shorter. You should expect to wait in line for at least one hour to get your Japadog. But there's good news: just after the Olympics... Japadog will open an actual store with the bags of cash they'll make over the next few weeks. 

Japadog carts will be open every day during the Olympics but according to their website their hours vary when the world isn't visiting Vancouver. They state, "We may close about 3 days per month, depending on whether." So you might want to check the forecast before heading out for your daily Japadog. I know I'm going to try one ASAP.