How a Drummer won The Olympics.

Dave Pierce 2009 250

When Dave Pierce started drumming as a child, he used to pretend that he had "gigs" around his house in Okotoks, Alberta. He'd play a gig and then get his younger brother Rob to take apart his drum set and then set it up in another room for his next gig. Rob was essentially Dave's roadie. Who would have believed that a few decades later, Dave would be at the podium conducting the orchestra at the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics?

Dave is not only the conductor but he's also the Director of Music for the opening and closing ceremonies. Tonight's gig is a long way from the room to room gigs he used to do in Okotoks but as it should be tonight, Rob is one of Dave's guests who will be watching the opening ceremonies live at B.C. Place. His parents, two young daughters and girlfriend Jane will be there as well. But how did he end up here? Here's a chronological recap... in point form:

  • Dad is a band teacher

  • High School Band

  • Berkley School of Music (Boston)

  • Grandstand Show / Bill Avery

  • Wiseass Crooner (First producer credit)

  • Sam Lutfiyya

  • Red Rock Diner

  • Forever Swing

  • Michael Buble

  • Moving Out with Billy Joel

  • Vancouver Winter Olympics

I know it's unfair to condense Dave's career into eleven points. He's much, much more than that.

What you can't see are the millions of moves, the education, calculations, meetings, preparations, assumptions, mentors and musical notes that have brought him through the last 22 years to this very day. Those eleven points are merely spots on a journey that has occurred over tens of thousands of kilometers... and Dave has walked that entire distance by himself. Nobody can imagine the amount of effort Dave put into this goal of winning the Director of Music position he enjoys with the Olympic ceremonies.

So today Dave, I celebrate not only where you are in your journey but I also celebrate every step you have made in getting here. Congratulations on your trip to the Olympic podium for this is your Everest and I can't wait to see where you go from here.

Here's to being as Different as you are!

"Today you are You. It's truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." - Dr. Seuss