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My family and I have a little dog. His name is Macaroni. As you may have guessed, the kids named him. 

His breed is Bichon Shitzu but his spirit is Buddha. Truly, Macaroni is like Buddha to me. 

Dogs are like that. They are wise and take life as it comes. And for that one simple reason, my goal in life is to be more like Macaroni. 

It's super cool to hang around with Macaroni every day. He's great company. If he get's hungry or thirsty he comes and gets us. If he needs to go outside he just stands at the back door and let's out a gentle "rfffff." And when it's time to come back inside... somehow he knows that he has to give us a proper bark so we can hear him out there in the backyard. Like I said, he's super cool. I gotta be more like Macaroni.

Macaroni knows several tricks. He can shake both paws by just saying to him "other one". He can fall over when you shoot him with your finger. He does other cool stuff too. He actually hugs us. He runs to the door to greet us. He genuinely loves us.

It's seems like nothing gets him down. He's stable. He gets excited about the little things that we should all get excited about: a walk, a treat, a ride in the car... you know, the important stuff.

He's loyal, kind and easy going... and I want to be just like him. Yes, when I grow up I want to be just like Macaroni.

If dogs could talk, it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one. ~Andy Rooney

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