Want to Understand Lady Gaga?

I have to admit that I don't really "get" Lady Gaga. Then, she showed up on Oprah and I got a chance to see inside her brain and I started to realize that she's not just someone who is an attention whore, but someone with a plan.

Then, as I sat watching the Grammy's preshow on ET Canada, I saw something amazing. As I saw star after star come to the mic to talk about their night, the one person that brought both my 13 year old daughter AND my beautiful wife to the TV was Gaga. It became clear that Gaga is a Different.

In reality, Gaga is an updated version of the Club Kids (with a conscience?). It's as simple as that but it still works somehow.

And check out that dress that Gaga wore! You'll understand why she arrived in a convertible... she might also think about some goggles just in case... that satellite in her left hand looks sharp.


Tim Tamashiro