Sorry America... we love your president.

What happens in the U.S. doesn't stay in the U.S. It actually affects "us", the rest of the world, too. 

Call us foolish America but we actually do care about what is happening in your country. We love your innovation. We love your enthusiasm. We want you to succeed. But we also want you to know that we love your president. There. I said it.

To us, Barack Obama is like a breath of fresh air. He's got emotional intelligence. He knows that your country is a citizen of the world but not the most important citizen. He weighs things out. He puts things into context on a worldwide level. He's not just your president... he's our neighbor and we like him. He's not the guy who mows his lawn at 5 am just because it is good for him. He's the guy that shovels not only his walk when it snows, but your walk as well. He's definitely a Different!

Even as I sit here and watch President Obama take questions in a Republican House meeting (that's never been done before as far as I know), he keeps his cool and he's open to suggestion. He's not afraid to call out BOTH the Democratic an Republican parties on their BS. And he's not there because he needs to be right either. Instead, I get the impression that he's there to get smarter... for you.

So, just so you know, we think your president is a good guy. The world likes him. Thanks for sharing!