Your Strengths are Your Song

I went to the national convention for the Canadian Assn. of Professional Speakers (CAPS) this week. It was a great opportunity to see other speakers do what they do and pick up some pointers along the way.

When I attend a convention, I never know where I'm going to gain my most important insight. Interestingly enough, the session I learned the most from was the one I personally enjoyed the least. I realize that there are a million different ways to give a speech or workshop, but this particular session was painful for me. Without getting into to many details (because I don't want to offend the session leader) my biggest take away for the conference was a real life example of what I don't ever want to do for my clients.

My biggest beef with this session was that, to me, the session leader didn't seem to have a plan. Sure this person prepared a slide presentation, but it had no direction. Furthermore, this person tried to justify every single thing that came out of their mouth. It was like the slide show was one song... and they were improvising with another song altogether.

Every single one of us has strengths. Strengths are like our own personal song that only we sing... and when we take the time to sing it, the song resonates not only with us but to the world around us. Now that being said, not everyone will love our song. Just as I didn't enjoy that session because it lacked focus, there were others in the room eating up the energy of the session leader.

So to demonstrate the concept of implementing strengths into a plan, I made this little video for you. I wanted to use FUN along with a few of my own strengths (ideology, adaptability, significance and strategy) to get to my point in just over one minute. I hope you like it!

MusicTim Tamashiro