Wag more, bark less.

IMG_0165 A company named CloudStar gets full credit for the saying "Wag more, bark less". I saw it for the first time on a  bumper sticker one beautiful summers day. But those four simple words say so much about life don't they?

My family and I have a great little dog named Macaroni. I'm in awe of him. In fact, I've decided that my goal in life is to be more like Macaroni (I'm writing a story about it). He is my Buddha. As far as strengths go, dogs provide great examples for us to follow. They know what their strengths are and they stick to them. They don't try to be something they're not. They just be. Now THAT is a great example to live by.

When Macaroni is happy, you know it because he wags his tail. When he needs to go outside, he just stands by the back door and lets out a gentle "ruff". When he wants to come back inside, he barks louder because somehow he knows that it's harder for us to hear him if he's outside.

When Macaroni laughs, he dances, pants and sneezes. If he needs a cuddle, he jumps in our laps. Macaroni leads a pretty great life by just being himself. He uses the strengths that he was born with. He doesn't try to be anything else.

So next time you're struggling, stop for a moment and ask yourself two questions:

1. Am I struggling because I'm trying to work outside of my strengths?

2. What would Macaroni do?

Tim Tamashiro