Put a stop to bad bosses.


Are you or someone you know suffering from BBS (Bad Boss Syndrome)?

Why are there so many bad bosses out there? Is it because they don't know what they are doing or is it because... they aren't working within their strengths?

I watched a movie this week called The Proposal starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Sandra played a character who was a boss that everyone hated. When she arrived at work or even stepped out of her office, the employees would instant message everyone alerting them that "The witch is on her broom. "Wouldn't that be a crappy way to spend eight hours a day?

But we've all had bad bosses. Many are still faced with the problem right now. Bad bosses fall into a combination of three categories (or combination thereof). They are either incompetent, crazy or cruel.

To fix this epidemic, companies need to recognize that bad bosses exist and use strengths to fix the problem. Strengths will help fix the shortcomings of any boss.

First, every boss should know what their own strengths are. There is NO debating this. Leaders are supposed to know what they are capable of and delegate tasks based on what they know they can't do themselves.

Your job as a boss isn't about achieving the bottom line. More importantly, your job is to understand how to utilize your people to best reach or exceed the bottom line. If that means you're in over your head, then you should find someone in your staff with strengths that compliment your own to get the job done.

If you are a boss and you're in over your head, admit it to your boss. It's his or her job to know your strengths so if you're struggling then there's a very good chance you're not working within your strengths. Bosses must know what their employees strengths are. You can't be a great leader if you don't. Know it and live it. There is no excuse if you don't.

Crazy and cruel bosses are EASILY not working within their strengths. Their bosses should be held accountable for not recognizing their weaknesses. Life is too short. If you think there's a chance to help your company (and yourself) by reporting your crazy or cruel boss to their boss, then do it. If you don't then you have a bigger problem than you think. You'll NEVER get to work within your strengths if you don't commit 100% to strengths for both yourself and your bosses.

Tim Tamashiro