Susan Boyle - Anatomy of a One-Hit-Wonder

Susan-boyle-album-cover Susan Boyle. Bless her.

She's finally releasing her debut CD and what a debut it will be. Amazon announced this week that Susan Boyle's new CD is the "most pre-ordered CD in Amazon's history", which is pretty amazing. The timing of the release is what you might expect... just before Christmas. The title of the album is.... yup.... "I Dreamed a Dream". My hope is that she makes a bazillion dollars from it, gets to see the world, finds love and then... decides to leave it at that.

I have no idea what Susan Boyle's strengths are but whatever they are, they haven't led her to singing. Sure, she can belt out a tune, I'll give her that. But in terms of what the world will do with Susan Boyle after this CD... that's when things don't look so good.

Susan won the singers lottery. It's as simple as that. You can only surprise the world once. Music buyers don't just continue to buy CDs from artists like Susan Boyle. They buy music from singers like Rhianna. Music Buyers don't buy "safe", they buy "catchy". They don't buy "middle aged", they buy "young". They don't buy "real", they buy "fantasy".

Don't get me wrong. I don't wish that Susan Boyle won't succeed as anything more than a one-hit-wonder. Quite the contrary; I wish the world would support Susan for twenty five albums beyond her debut. But the odds of that happening are extremely slim. Susan will only be able to coast on her fame for so long. I hope she knows that because if she does, she won't be setting herself up for failure in the future.

Like William Hung and Paul Potts before her. I'm afraid that Susan Boyle is destined for one-hit-wonderville. She has an expiry date of January 2015. That's seven years from her shocking first appearance on Britain's Got Talent (if she can make it that long). But here's the million dollar question: if you had the same opportunity, would you take it (and at what price)?

To buy your own copy of Susan Boyle's debut CD click here.

Tim Tamashiro