Mr. Big and Tall

Tall_man Don’t you love it? The sign says what the store does. They sell clothing for big and tall men. It’s a simple concept that has worked for years. If you’re short and thin you won’t find anything you can wear in this store. For that matter, why would anyone even look in this store if you’re anything but big and/or tall?

Strengths. That’s what Mr. Big and Tall does. If this store even tried to get into selling clothing for the “non big or tall” they’d blow their entire concept. So they stick to what the sign says. They don’t try to fix their weaknesses. They stick to their strengths and nothin’ but their strengths.

You can do the same you know? What does your sign say? What do your strengths allow you to? In this world of sound bites, marketing messages and short attention spans we don’t have the luxury of not having a sign like Mr. Big and Tall does. We have to hang our sign too. We each need to fully understanding of what we are capable of and stick to just that.

Forget about your weaknesses. Just do strengths.

Tim Tamashiro